The S’s Of Golf: The Swing And The Sunglasses.

Golf swing

Golf is a game of sophistication. For socialization, relaxation and having fun. But in truth, golf is not a game for all. Some people just don’t get it, others thrive in the golf course as they happily swing away at the club. Not to discourage those in pursuit of knowledge for playing the game. Budding golf players do not necessarily have to be good at is the swinging to look like they belong in the fold. The most important thing to learn and observe in the golf course is etiquette and you look like a sports star. The rest you learn as you go. Many people think that they will become successful in this sport if they buy best swing analyzer for golf, but in many cases this is not the true.

Most important rules:

Different golf courses will have different rules and it is important to know the ones that apply when you sign up to become a member of any given one. Keeping time is a crucial matter to always have in mind when going to the golf course. It is advisable to be there half an hour before your tee time to have enough time to pack and prepare your clubs as well as warm up and organize the cart for rent. It is also important to be aware of the dress code ahead of time so you can come prepared. Some golf courses have restrictions on jeans, shorts and sometimes some types of sport shoes.

There are rules on the carts as well. In some golf courses, they do not allow for carts on wet and rainy days while others will have designated paths for them to drive on. Most importantly, observe silence in order not to distract members in your group or the neighboring group. It is preferable not to carry your phone out to the field so you can have maximum concentration which is key to playing golf.

To wear on not to wear sunglasses?

Question that golfers might ask themselves will be whether to wear sunglasses or not. Some find sunglasses to be a distraction and an unnecessary bother when out in the field. There are however comfortable glasses that you can wear and play with. They are even better because you are able to see the ball and the greens much clearer and at the same time be protected from the hot UV rays of the sun. Aside from that, you are also able to keep a stylish look as you swing away.  If you are looking for golf sunglasses here you can read what are the most important features.

The sunglasses you look for should have some recommended features to help you at the field. They should have a good fit to ensure they stay on your face and do not slip while playing, even when sweating profusely. Fitting glasses are also able to protect you from the sun a lot better as they are close to your face and keep the rays of the sun away from all angles. The glasses should have 100% UV ray protection to keep your eyes unaffected by the sun while at the field. Also important is the depth perception and the vision clarity. It is advisable to go for the non-polarized lenses because they do not distort depth perception and they provide great clarity. And look for a stylish pair!

It is important to remember that golf club shafts affect your swing. The shafts bend during a swing determined by the club speed. The faster the swing, the stiffer the flex required. It is important to find the right flex in order to consistently hit the ball well. And you want to hit the ball well!

Are Some Golf Clubs Better For Beginners

Material for golf clubs

After looking at other options, you have finally made up your mind that the only sport you will bother to indulge in is golf. This is a good thing especially as this is a decision you made by yourself and not one that was forced on you by your parents or peer pressure. As a beginner golfer, you are going to worry about a lot of things one of which will be wondering whether there are some golf clubs better for beginners. Robert from has plenty of excellent tips for people who would like to start playing golf. We took the best about golf clubs and put them into this article.

While it may be tempting to use the excuse of being a beginner to buy any cheap low quality club, it is important for beginners to know that the quality of their playing gadgets is very important as it can make a difference between a successful start at golf and a complete failure. Generally, every beginner should have in their club set a hybrid, a driver, an iron, and a putter. Let’s now take a look at what these are and the right ones for beginners.


They are so called because they were originally made of wood although today they are made of metals. They are great for getting long shots from the fairway area. They usually come numbered between one and eleven. The best woods for beginners are the 3 and 7.

Hybrid clubs

Hybrid clubs are new in the golfing market and are mixture of the best of wood and iron clubs. They are designed to be used away from the fairway. The club can cause the ball to rise high just like an iron club makes hitting in away from the soft areas easy. The best hybrids for beginners are number 4.


This is one club that beginners will use most as they start to learn. A good putter for a beginner is one that helps cover for those mistakes that are bound to happen like mishits.


Drivers are defined by their loft and for beginners, a loft between 10.5 and 12 degrees is recommended. For those beginners who are already adults, a 12 degree driver is better.


Some of the top clubs beginners use iron as the most dominant material. As the name suggests, these club heads are made of irons that look flattened out and grooved.The best ones for beginners are the ones with a hollow back popularly referred to as cavity back . Irons are numbered one to nine. The lower numbers are used for long shots and the higher ones for shorter shots. Beginners will do better with a 7 or 9 in their club set. Most beginners are advised to go for irons that are coined .

Now that you know a little bit more about the different type of clubs that should go into your golf club set, another thing to consider is the quality and cost of the golf club you buy. Make sure to get a quality set that does not leave your pockets dry.

As a beginner in golf, you will have to be faced with what choice of clubs to buy. As has been discussed above, a beginner will need a driver in the range of 10 to 12 degrees, a putter, a number 7 and 9 iron and a number 3 and 7 wood. At the end of it all, look for a quality set that is offered at an affordable price. So to answer the question whether some golf clubs are better for beginners, yes some golf clubs are better than others for use by beginners.


Can Golf Beginners Benefit From Training Aids?

beginners golf training aids

Every golfer can benefit by the utilization of a golf training Aid. If you are an amateur or a veteran scratch golfer in a drop, you will benefit from a golf training Aid. Let’s be honest the better you play, the most pleasant the session of golf is. It is likewise pleasant to win couple of gaps and drive more remote than your accomplices. Two putting an opening all the time will surely build your certainty and bring down your score.

How to go about your training

They say that careful discipline brings about promising results. Overall, other people who appear to comprehend things a tiny bit better tell us straight away that just perfect practice can achieve flawless results. Doubtlessly, you can enhance until the bovines return home, yet if you do not comprehend the most vital golf essentials such as golf ball info for beginners, you will squander a mind-blowing measure of time and vitality, while achieving almost no in the outcomes office.

Golf trainings can streamline your endeavors to progress past the usual golf capacities, and to the following level, where you can concentrate on both the physical and specialized parts of building up your best golf swing. What’s more, the accompanying is five critical reasons why any golf apprentice can benefit by golf training.

Things to know before you train

1.We all arrive in a variety of shapes and sizes, both of which have criticalness on how you select the golf gear that you’re going to put resources into. The length of your arms and legs ought to be a critical component in deciding your decision of golf clubs. Experienced, proficient counsel ought to go before such a venture.

2.A familiarity with how your age and sexual orientation will affect your methodology, both in the route in which you hone your golf swing and additionally, your desires while playing the amusement. Disregard the 300-yard drives. It will be consistency that brings fulfillment and happiness.

3.Fitness is an imperative key to you’re keeping up the quality and stamina to overcome the last gaps. Understanding a couple golf activities will help you reinforce and tone up the muscles needed for fitting stance, golf hold, arms, shoulders, and legs.

4.The session of golf, and also, the USGA and PGA, have particular principles, the comprehension of which, are crucial to legitimate golf manners. The understanding fitting convention will pay profits as you impart time and space to different golfers, each of who may be at various levels of experience.

5. Maintaining so as to minimize anxiety and augmenting pleasure viewpoint. You should make the majority of your practice sessions while in the meantime concentrating on the genuine side of golf abilities improvement. It’s truly about keeping up consistency through great work propensities.


It is somewhat true that golf training aids can be extravagant and might essentially be unreasonably expensive for a golf learner. In any case, whether it be from an expert, golf preparing guides using golf books or online golf preparing, golf tips from an accomplished companion, or simply the very much expected counsel from a kind-hearted more odd, golf guideline will go far in helping you comprehend the standards, civilities, and essential basics, as you enhance that straightforward golf swing.

Golf training Aid come in numerous ways. Many are intended to fortify your swing while others are will make your golf swing a great deal more predictable. Consistency is the way to a decent golf swing and to bringing down your golf score. Regardless of what golf training Aid you select you ought to first guidance you are showing professional before making your buy.

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